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The People Speak Out

We invite you to participate in our blog called The People Speak Out, where we invite you to share your own very personal story of how Church teachings have shaped your life . . . for better or for worse. Why stories? Because stories, whether you like it or not, crawl inside you more than facts, figures, papal bulls, or dogmas. Stories are the way that Jesus touched (and changed) people. We believe that stories, even more than summary reports and logical arguments, will put truth in front of the bishops and challenge them to seek new ways to address the very real issues facing individuals and families today.

The discussion topics in the blog - include not only the critical issues named above in our Jubilee paper but also - invlte Catholics who've left the Church (what is likely the largest denomination in the world) to tell us what issue or event led to their leaving and what it would take to bring them back. We encourage you to state your real name but, if your story is too personal or could hurt someone else, you may post your story anonymously. This may be painful but may not only help heal you but also help Bishops to make the right decision to So go now to post your story or that of someone you know personally, add a comment to someone else's story, and/or post the links below on your website: