02 - Get together with others

Join with us by signing up for a regional gathering (listening session) either online or locally in your part of the world. To be included in the Catholic Church Reform International worldwide gatherings to be held March through August of 2015, please complete this form.

Most find the Vatican questionnaire overly complex and unworlable. We at CCR Int'l believe more direct involvement of the faithful is needed. In order to prepare more fully for the Ordinary Synod of 2015 called by Pope Francis, two action steps are now being organized:

  1.  calling for holding diocesan synods throughout the world ideally working with the local bishop but, if that option is declined, to go forward with lay-initiated regional gatherings to discuss where our life experiences differ from the current institutional church teaching on living as Christian families;
  2.  tallying the results of these regional and local gatherings in order to present them, as our gift, to the Synod of Bishops to place on their agenda. The reasoning behind this is that an all male clerical and presumably celibate group of bishops has no personal experience of family life.